Estate Planning is For Everyone

It isn’t for the rich or retired crowd. Everyone should have a plan in place to protect themselves, their family and their business.

Estate Planning

"Estate planning is a gift that you give to your family. We help our clients leave a lasting legacy for their loved ones."
Kira Rubel
Principal and Owner

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Why do you need an estate plan?

  • To ensure your children do not inherit when they are too young.
  • To ensure your business passes appropriately, and there are no interruptions in operations.
  • So your family does not get stuck in a costly court battle over custody of your children or guardianship over you in your incapacity.
  • To direct your assets to whom you want to inherit.

Why work with us?

  • We charge a flat fee for our Estate Planning services.
  • You will never receive a bill for a 15-minute phone call to your Attorney.
  • We provide a no-fee review of your plan every three years to ensure your plan continues to reflect your needs.
  • We ensure that, after you pass, your estate is handled the way you would have chosen.

Why do we do what we do?

  • We want our clients to feel comfortable reaching out to us as much as they need.
  • Your plan should grow and change with you; we encourage ongoing communications.
  • We want to help you and your family, from planning to execution.

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Important Estate Plan Questions

In the case of your incapacity or death, who would you choose as your children’s guardians?  Is it possible that your family would fight over their custody?  Would the ultimate guardian know the goals and values you want to instill in your children?  Would the guardian handle your money on behalf of your children in the way you would have, with the same goals in mind, and prevent your children from having full access to their inheritance at 18?

These questions should rattle you.  At our firm, we offer a children’s legal plan that will ensure your children are cared for by whom you choose and how you choose, in the case of either your incapacity or death.  This is a unique product in the realm of estate planners, and designed to let you sleep at night – or go out on a date with your spouse or partner – without fear of what could happen.

In the case of your incapacity or death, what would happen to your small business? Would anyone know how to run it, how to ensure the bills were paid, and the lights kept on? Or would shipments and appointments be missed?  And would the business slowly (or rapidly) fold?

You are not alone – many small business owners are in the same boat, with no plan and no strategy for death or incapacity.  At our firm, we will help you develop a plan for your business, which will range from updating your governing documents, to creating an asset and information spreadsheet for whomever would step into your shoes.

What if you were in a coma?  Would your loved ones know how to pay your bills, or even know what bills there were to pay?  Do they know you don’t eat gluten, or that you want to listen to death metal?  Do they know your dog has a thyroid problem and needs special medication?

We don’t leave these things to chance. Although many estate planners don’t provide this level of detail in their plans, we make sure that your preferences and needs are adequately communicated to your loved ones.

We charge a flat fee for our estate planning packages, and accept credit card payments. Our plans range from $1,500 to roughly $5,000, with most families ending up somewhere in the middle. During the first meeting, we present you with a menu of options from which you can select the price, and plan, that makes the most sense for you.