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We pride ourselves on making our fees easy to understand. Many of our services are billed as a flat fee, so there are no surprises when you are working with our team.

Client-Driven Results

We communicate with our clients effectively and often, so we clearly understand their desired outcome. Our ability to provide counselling has created clients for life.

Your Trusted Partner

Our firm treats every client like we would a family member. Our personalized approach provides targeted, effective, and practical legal work to individuals and businesses.

Meet The Team

Maura McCoy

Associate Attorney

Katie Kurucz

Senior Client Services Director

Trina Rubel

Notary Public

Jenn Trettin


Katherine Voyce

Assistant Client Services Director

Bianca Wiseman

Administrative Assistant

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Your Estate Planning Checklist for Washington State

At The Harbor Law Group, we are adamant about helping every single one of our clients (and, let’s be frank, everyone we know . . . or meet) get their estate properly prepared.  Whether that is by drafting a full plan or just providing free and practical advice, our goal is to improve every client’s […]

Choosing a Power of Attorney in the Age of COVID

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have probably heard about the “Great Pandemic of 2020.”  Given the sudden risk of incapacity, serious illness, and death due to the COVID-19 virus, clients are quite literally flocking to our (virtual) doors for estate planning guidance. This particular article, however, will focus exclusively on the Financial […]

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