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Founding Partner, Avid Skier

Kira is the principal and owner of The Harbor Law Group (formerly, Law Office of Kira M. Rubel).  She attended University of San Diego for both her undergraduate and law school degrees.  A native Washingtonian, she returned to Washington in 2016 to continue practicing law and is now licensed, and practicing, in Washington and California.

Kira has a wide breadth of legal experience. Although her career began in securities fraud class actions, her path has led her to consumer class actions, commercial litigation, employment matters and counseling, and to business legal support and estate planning. During her litigation career, she recovered tens of millions of dollars for aggrieved consumers and employees, while her transactional business has supported countless local businesses as they have navigated the difficult task of creating and maintaining a small business. Kira has significant experience in business formation, contract negotiation, employment issues, and business strategy, including business sales or acquisitions.

In 2016, Kira forayed into estate planning when she realized (at an alarming moment, while on vacation with her husband and away from their child) that they had no plan in place for their daughter if the worst were to happen.

Disenchanted with the way she had seen other estate plans work (or fail to work) for family, friends and clients in the past, Kira committed herself to finding a better way to prepare for these major life events. Kira’s method of estate planning takes into account nuances that many others don’t consider, such as the emotional and personal wishes of each client, as well as robust asset and estate tax protection.

Kira is incredibly passionate about the work that she does and looks forward to helping you as a consumer, employee, family in search of estate planning (and planning for your minor children), or a small business owner.



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