The Harbor Law Group is “Virtually” Open!


We’re “Virtually” Open!

This is a unique moment in time. While I love this time home with my family, it has made me realize the butterfly effect we can have on others. This is why our office chose to close its physical doors two weeks ago; to ensure we helped to minimize the spread of COVID-19 to our loved ones and others.

I am posting to assure our valued clients and friends that our office remains (virtually) open, and that we will continue to deliver our business and estate planning services, ranging from the essential and basic, to the complex.

How does your estate plan look right now?

Do you have questions on things that should be in place like healthcare directives, guardian designations, and powers of attorney?

Have you dusted off the will or trust you may have created several years ago?

If so, we have a couple options!

In the coming days I will host a webinar that discusses virtual estate planning and the caveats social distancing imposes on signing documents, witnesses, and notarizing. You can also email us at to schedule a time with me to discuss your specific planning.

I hope you and your family are and remain well. If you have children and are currently home-schooling, good luck with the homemade volcanoes and new math … I have already learned so much in the past week!

Warm Regards,

Kira Rubel, owner of The Harbor Law Group